April Affirmations

Like any self-help junkie I love affirmations. Okay, lie. I’m supposed to love affirmations. Everyone talks about the life-changing power these little bite-sized mantras hold. But sometimes doing the thing you’re supposed to feels impossible. Call it procrastination, call it existential dread due to a national pandemic, what have you — I often find myself struggling to prioritize my self care. Especially during times when I really need to i.e. right now.

I am currently on day 20 of self-quarantine and social distancing. The more news I read, and the more friends that file for unemployment, the longer my self care to do list gets… and the more overwhelmed by it I’ve become. I’m guilty of letting the “I-should-be’s” pile up into a complicated mountain that is feeding my anxiety. When in reality, my practice should be helping me live alongside it.

So, dear friend, I’ve given myself a fresh start. Because you can totally do that. Whenever you want. However you want. I’m going back to the basics and I invite you to join me.

I’ve created an affirmations calendar, a gentle guide to ease us back into a loving practice where we honor ourselves, exactly where we are. I made this as an alternative to my current practice– y’know the one where I make massive to-do lists each morning and drown in the broken expectations of not being able to reach nirvana by noon.

I’m making it simple. Each day includes one mantra. How you choose to practice this affirmation is up to you. You can say it to yourself as you look in the mirror, use it as a journal prompt, or write it on your island’s bulletin board each morning (because we’re all obsessed with Animal Crossing by now, right?) I’ve also added little acts of self-love; dance parties, love letters, and gratitude lists to help ease us into incorporating loving-kindness into our daily routine.

Below is a screenshot and a PDF download of my April Affirmations calendar. Make it your phone’s wallpaper, hang it on your refrigerator, or make one of your own. Oh! I’ve also included a playlist I made on Spotify (heavily influenced by The Lizzie Mcguire Movie Soundtrack) if you need some dance tunes.

Read on, dear friends.

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