About Me.

Hi! I’m Jasmine.

My astrological chart’s biggest hits include:

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Sagittarius

Rising: Taurus

Venus: Leo

I’m a denim-loving Californian artist now daylighting as a PNW farmers market enthusiast in Seattle, Washington. I’m a storyteller, showgirl, and recent college grad!

Hollywood’s Naughtiest Starlet, Miss Lola California. Above is a snap from my debut back in 2017, captured by Witty Pixel Photography.

At the core of all my art and spiritual adventures is my belief in the quixotic. The radically optimistic, “stupidly” hopeful, joyfully unrealistic, and starry-eyed romantics.

I live with my girlfriend, Leilani, and kitten, Mochi.

I’m bisexual, a she / her / hers pronoun user, and proud cottage witch.

I love sharing the stories of our queer and cozy home. My sweetheart and I believe in creating safe spaces for Queer & POC artist… and leaving everyone with full bellies.

I believe in radically honest storytelling. I think in order to make the world a better place we have to start by connecting compassionately with one another.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to talk about SEX!

I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and after years of shame, not being taken seriously, and having the facts about my reproductive health hidden from me I am too frustrated to not speak up.

That’s why I’ve started The Down There Diaries! I want to talk openly about sexual health, mental health, orgasms, pain, and our bodies!

I hope to create a platform that liberates myself and my readers from the policed nonsense that follows our bodies, queerness, and sexual experiences.

From my heart to yours.

Read on, dear friends.

xo Jasmine